♥ Name: 佐藤健
♥ Romaji : Sato Takeru
♥ Profession : Actor
♥ Birthdate : 1989.03.21
♥ Birthplace : Iwatsuki, Saitama, Japan
♥ Height : 170cm
♥ Star sign : Aries
♥ Blood type : A
♥ Special skill : Break dance
♥ Talent agency : Amuse

gif (c) : anytaniji@tumblr

sorry this tumblr is not active anymore!


motobocor asked
is your question abt shd u continue updating takeru serious? well, if he's no longer relevant to yr current interest, maybe no need. Risa-tyan, holdman or myself would probably have posted the latest scans ^^

I feel bad that I opened this tumblr for him and yet i stopped updating but ppl are keeping in following it ;~; i remember when i first opened it “sato takeru” tag was sleepy but now it is really active XD so i’m glad :3 takeru’s fans are amazing ;~; <33 minna otsukare <3 well i didn’t decide yet what to do with it, for now maybe i’ll update it from time to time :) thank u <3